What to Expect

When You Come in for Your Portrait

The most important aspect of taking portraits is that the subject – you – feel relaxed and comfortable. We want you to know what to expect during the photography process so there will be no surprises and you’ll be completely at ease.

  1. We know how to put you at ease and get the best possible expression from you. Relax and trust us.
  2. If we ask you a whole bunch of questions, don’t be alarmed – we are just trying to get to know you and help you to be more comfortable.
  3. We know that getting a professional portrait is not something you do every day, so it’s important to let us help you to be at your best and look your best.
  4. We understand that your time is very valuable – so we’ll be as quick and efficient as possible. Please be patient. It may take a little while, but we’re committed to doing our job the right way and producing a beautiful portrait for you.
  5. Please don’t hesitate to ask if there is anything that you need during the session.

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